Premiere Vision Paris

13th - 15th February, 2018

The world’s premier fashion trade show

Twice a year, Paris welcomes fashion designers from all over the world for 3 days of inspiration, creativity and experience exchance. Premiere Vision Paris is one of the most influential global events in fashion world. It's a platform that reveals fashion trends for the upcoming season. 6 major industries of supplying materials and services to the global fashion industry : Yarns, Fabrics, Leather Designs, Accessories, Manufacturing - come together in Paris to explore what's new this season, new ideas and inspiration on trends. Premiere Vision Paris offers new solutions to develop collections, explore the potential of fashion tech in square meters of tech area, step intp the world of creativity, innovation and original installations.

Premiere Vision Trade Show is the world's premiere fabrics show, which offers up the trending season's fashion directions some 18 months in advance. This hub of meetings and inspiration is both a unique  place to do business and a trend laboratory. It was the first time 10 Armenian designers/brands took part in Premiere Vison Paris 2018, unique opportunity for Armenian designers to have business meetings and exchange with buyers and fashion makers. Designers gained better understanding of upcoming season trends and established business contacts. They also reached international suppliers of fabric, leather, accessories and much more as well as get acquinted with the newest technology in textile industry. Thanks to this opportunity Armenian designers gained recognition on the worldwide arena, as well as obtained lots of contacts, literature and samples.